What’s New in Mozilla Firefox 84

Mozilla has just released a new version of Firefox, its award-winning browser that’s currently the third most-used app worldwide after Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Earlier this year, Mozilla switched to a four-week release cycle for production builds of Mozilla Firefox, thus accelerating the release cadence and bringing major updates to all supported platforms much faster than before.

While in theory, this is good news for everybody, the problem with this approach is that sometimes Firefox updates can ship with unpolished performance, eventually leading to post-installation problems experienced by users who update the browser.

Firefox 84 is now available for download on supported platforms, and one of the most important changes is full support for Apple Silicon.

As you probably know already, Apple launched the M1 chip in November and the first devices running it are already available for download. And now developers across the world are working around the cl… (read more)

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