What Is Ubuntu Cloud?


What Is Ubuntu Cloud?

Ubuntu Cloud Images which are pre-installed disk images that have been customized by Ubuntu engineering to run on cloud-platforms such as Amazon EC2, Openstack, Windows and LXC.

You can build your own cloud with Ubuntu OpenStack Ubuntu OpenStack is a fully integrated and optimised combination of the latest release of Ubuntu Server and the latest release of OpenStack.

The main OpenStack releases are supported for a full five years on LTS releases of Ubuntu, giving you peace of mind combined with the latest OpenStack features. Ubuntu has a long history of integration with the cloud, making deployment faster and more straightforward than it is with any other OS.

Ubuntu is suitable for a lot of systems including:
1. Ubuntu for Cloud
2. Ubuntu for Desktop
3. Ubuntu for Servers

Ubuntu releases new versions every 6 months, and supports releases for 18 months with daily security fixes and patches to critical bugs. Long Term Support (LTS) releases offer three years of support for the desktop version and five years for the server version.

Ubuntu Cloud For Public

Here are some reasons why you should use Ubuntu cloud for your public cloud

Ubuntu Server is the world’s most popular cloud operating system. On each of the leading public clouds, at least 85% of workloads run on Ubuntu, thanks to its security, versatility and policy of regular updates. With certified images available on clouds from partners like AWS, Microsoft Azure, HP Cloud, Joyent and IBM Smart Cloud, it is the only free cloud operating system with the option of enterprise-grade commercial support.

Why Use Ubuntu Cloud

1. Everything you need to efficiently build and integrate an OpenStack cloud

2. Sophisticated tools to help you provision, build, manage and support your cloud at scale

3. Certified Ubuntu Server images for use on the leading public clouds

4. Enterprise-grade commercial services available in the form of bespoke consulting engagements and ongoing Ubuntu Advantage support subscriptions

Where to Download Ubuntu Cloud

Simply visit our Download Ubuntu for Cloud page to get the latest version.

As we mentioned above, Ubuntu is very adaptable, you can download ubuntu for desktop or download ubuntu for servers, just follow our guides and we promise to make it the fastest and easiest operating system for you to enjoy.

Important link: If you want to find out more about Ubuntu server, please visit the Official Ubuntu Cloud website for more details and fun!