Vanilla’s accessibility documentation process | Ubuntu

Following on from our previous post about accessibility by design, we’d like to share our accessibility documentation process here in the Web & Design team. In the Vanilla squad, we work hard to make sure the Vanilla framework is as accessible as possible. We don’t claim to be perfect, but accessibility is a real priority to us and we’re continuously trying to improve. We’ve recently started writing some accessibility docs to go alongside our components. They outline how the components work, and any important accessibility considerations to note in implementation.

The importance

In the current Vanilla implementation docs , we give a code example for each of our components. People can jump into the docs, find which variant they need, then copy and paste the code. Easy, right? We don’t have much to worry about when it’s a simple static component. But, in more complex cases, the implementation is important in making sure the component remains accessible. We decided,…

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