Ubuntu Server 22.04 New Features

  • Post Updated: April 28, 2024
Ubuntu Server 22.04 features logoUbuntu Server 22.04 features list

If you wanted to know what else is new with Ubuntu Server 22.04, this post is for you. We didn’t list every single change/new feature but we highlighted some of the most important changes that we think you might want to know before you upgrade.

Ubuntu Server 22.04 expands on edge use cases with a minimized system installation option in the Ubuntu Server Live Installer. It also comes with needrestart enabled by default for automated daemon restarts after applying library updates. In addition, the latest development cycle brings native, certified drivers for NVIDIA vGPU software on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 18.04 LTS, fully supporting sophisticated AI/ML workloads.

Ubuntu Server 24.04 LTS has been released – Also don’t forge to check out the new Ubuntu Server 24.04 features.

Best features in Ubuntu Server 22.04

  • Minimized system installation option
  • Needrestart by default
  • Corosync
    • It was updated to version 3.16 which includes some new features.
    • Support for changing crypto configuration during runtime.
    • Includes turning cryptography on or off, changing crypto_cipher and crypto_hash and also changing of crypto key.
    • Default token timeout was changed from 1 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Pacemaker
    • Updated to version 2.1.2 which includes some new features:
    • Add a new feature priority-fencing-delay. Optionally derive the priority of a node from the resource-priorities of the resources it is running.
    • Add on-fail=demote and no-quorum-policy=demote recovery policies for promoted resources.
    • support for OCF Resource Agent API 1.1 standard.
    • Many improvements in crm_mon and crm_resource.
  • Ruby 3.0
    • The default Ruby interpreter was updated to version 3.0, whose goal is performance, concurrency, and Typing.
  • Upgraded PHP
    • PHP 8.1 contains many new features: Enumerations allow defining custom types limited to a specific set of possible values, like using consts but with better type checking. Readonly properties prevent their value to be changed after initialization. With first-class callable syntax, static analysis is easier to perform on PHP code, and allows creating anonymous functions such as Closures. Intersection types allow specifying function parameters that must satisfy multiple type constraints; much like a union type expresses an A|B type relationship, intersection types allow expressing A&B types. Many other new features, such as fibers, final class constraints, never return values, explicit octal numeral notation, use of new inside initializers, and more will allow writing tighter, more expressive PHP code.
    • PHP 8.1 also received significant attention to performance, with a 23% speedup for the Symfony Demo test, and a 3.5% speedup for WordPress, as compared with PHP 8.0. A few of the performance-related features included in PHP 8.1 include an inheritance cache, fast class name resolution, and various optimizations to timelib, ext/date, SPL file-system interators, serialize/unserialize, and several heavily used internal functions.

NOTE: You can now download Ubuntu 22.04 LTS as well.