Top 5 reasons to use Ubuntu for your AI/ML projects | Ubuntu


For 20 years, Ubuntu has been at the cutting edge of technology. Pioneers looking to innovate new technologies and ideas choose Ubuntu as the medium to do it, whether they’re building devices for space, deploying a fleet of robots or building up financial infrastructure. 

The rise of machine learning is no exception and has encouraged people to develop their models on Ubuntu at different scales. With benefits such as robustness and community backing, there’s a reason Ubuntu is the preferred operating system for so many universities and research labs.

Whether we talk about developers tinkering with AI/ML or organisations looking to run their digital transformation initiatives in production, Ubuntu is still helping people push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

This blog will explore the benefits that Ubuntu brings to ML projects and why it is becoming the system of choice for data scientists, ML engineers and AI enthusiasts should use Ubuntu as the operating system of…

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