Solus 4 Users Are Among the First to Use the GNOME 3.34 Desktop Environment

The Solus Project announced today that the latest GNOME 3.34 desktop environment is now available for all users of the independently developed Linux-based computer operating system, along with many other updates and bug fixes.

Launched in mid-September, the GNOME 3.34 desktop environment has only been available for a few GNU/Linux distributions as upgrading from a previous release looks to be a rigorous and hard process for OS vendors. Solus 4 users are now among the first to use GNOME 3.34 on their personal computers.

“This stack upgrade has been rigorously tested by a wide range of users via our unstable repository, all of whom provided valuable feedback and reports over on our development tracker. This upgrade has also fortunately been smoother compared to previous stack upgrades,” said lead developer Joshua Strobl in the latest news roundup.

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