Private cloud: Avoiding the high cost of operations | Ubuntu

Technology plays a strategic role in the success of any organisation. Whether you’re part of an enterprise with thousands of employees across the globe or running a startup from the garage of your home, the success of the business comes down to how you consume technology. 

However, it’s not that straightforward, and IT decision makers usually have to make a lot of trade-offs when investing in technology. It’s very common to hear phrases like “We would like to implement this solution… but we don’t have the budgets” or “we don’t have the knowledge and skills” or maybe “it doesn’t work well with our environment”. 

Why is the private cloud more economical?

If you need to use a cab a few times every month, this works just fine. It fulfils your needs and gets you to your destination conveniently. If you need to use a cab everyday, then it becomes very expensive. In that case, you might start thinking about renting a car instead. Then, you figure out that this…

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