Open source, teamwork and mental health: my FOSDEM 2021 | Ubuntu

For the past 4 years I have participated in FOSDEM, a conference about free and open source software for developers. I love this event. It’s a welcome opportunity to see friends, watch great talks and drink excellent Belgium beer.

Unfortunately, this year it was a remote event. The event was managed via matrix, a decentralized communication system. There were a few network issues at the beginning, as it had to deal with more than 11,000 people simultaneously, but in general it went pretty smoothly.

I mostly participated in the “community”, “open source design” and “web performance” rooms. Here is a little summary of what a saw. Hope there is stuff that might trigger your curiosity.

Tools and Concepts for Successfully Open Sourcing Your Project

Interesting talk with tips and tricks for open-sourcing your project. There were interesting questions like: why would you open-source it? Are you ready to maintain it? Etc…

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