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  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024
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Hello everyone, you can download Mailspring for Ubuntu but before that, I hope you are all having a great day so far. I was on a mini vacation for the past 4 days or so and It didn’t necessary end too well but let’s save that story for another day. I have an amazing free email app that most of you reading this will absolutely love. Please read on…

Today we will highlight another open-source email client for your Linux computers. I introduce you to Mailspring, an incredible and genuinely free, semi-open-source email client that you may not have encountered yet. As a direct descendant of the now-defunct Nylas Mail, Mailspring was created by one of Nylas Mail’s core team members who sought to develop an improved, faster, and more streamlined email client specifically for Linux users. Mailspring certainly lives up to these expectations, but there’s even more to it that makes it a must-have download for you. Let’s dive deeper into the features and advantages that set Mailspring apart.

Install Mailspring on Ubuntu

Download Mailspring on Linux

Download Mailspring on Linux via Snap Store

What Is Mailspring About?

Mailspring is an open-source email client that works on your Linux and Ubuntu computers. It is a powerful and sleek semi-open-source email client designed specifically for Linux users. It offers a unified inbox to manage multiple email accounts, alongside an array of productivity-enhancing features such as advanced search, email snooze, and send later options. The client also allows customization through themes and the creation of rich email signatures. With Mailspring, users can experience an efficient and visually appealing email management solution.

Mailspring Features:

  • Unified Inbox: Mailspring consolidates all your email accounts into a single, unified inbox, making it easier to manage and access messages from multiple providers.
  • Advanced Search: The powerful search functionality allows users to easily locate emails using a variety of filters and search criteria, such as sender, recipient, date, and keywords.
  • Customizable Themes: Mailspring offers a selection of customizable themes, enabling users to personalize the appearance of their email client to match their preferences and style.
  • Email Snooze and Send Later: This feature allows users to snooze incoming emails, temporarily removing them from the inbox until a chosen time, or schedule outgoing emails to be sent at a later time, ensuring that messages are delivered when most appropriate.
  • Rich Signatures: Mailspring supports the creation of professional and visually appealing email signatures, complete with images, social media icons, and formatted text, to enhance your correspondence and showcase your personal or business brand.

Mailspring Screenshots

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