Mozilla Thunderbird Gets Mailfence Integration for Encrypted Email

Mozilla Thunderbird remains one of the best desktop email clients available today, and starting recently, it offers one new encrypted mail service.

It’s Mailfence, the platform that promises full user privacy and whose parent company doesn’t necessarily agree with the approach used by what it calls “Big Tech companies.”

“We live in times of ever growing Internet domination by Big Tech companies. These have repeatedly shown a total disrespect of online privacy and oblige their users to sign away their privacy through unreadable Terms of Service,” Mailfence explained in an announcement a few days ago.

So Thunderbird will now provide users with a Mailfence option, thus being able to create a new account right from the email client, with more options coming later this year.

More options already on their way

For example, users will be able to enable automatic Mailfence tools that would… (read more)

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