Mesa 17.0.7 to End Support for Mesa 17.0 Series, Prepare to Move to Mesa 17.1

  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024

Collabora’s Emil Velikov announced the availability of the Release Candidate (RC) milestone of the upcoming Mesa 17.0.7 point release of the Mesa 17.0 stable series of the 3D graphics library for GNU/Linux distributions.

Mesa 17.0.7 is being prepped these days with the last set of bug fixes for the Mesa 17.0 3D Graphics Library, which probably many of you are currently using on their favorite GNU/Linux distributions, some of which were imported from the Mesa 17.1.1 point release that was announced last week.

“This is the final anticipated release from the 17.0.x series. We have a few important outstanding patches which I’m planning to merge considering we have no regressions are reported by the Intel Jenkins instance,” said Emil Velikov, Software Release Engineer working for Collabora, in the <a href="https://lists… (read more)

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