Linux on Ancient Windows XP Laptop Shows Old Hardware Doesn’t Have to Die

Linux has long been considered an alternative to Windows, and while opinions are still divided as to what operating system is the best choice moving forward, there’s one chapter that Linux clearly wins.

And it’s the support for old hardware.

With newer Windows versions requiring hardware upgrades to enjoy the full feature package, old laptops are theoretically more or less abandoned, especially if they are too slow to be upgraded to a newer release.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dead, as installing Linux can always breathe new life in these devices, even when less than 1GB of RAM is available.

Living proof is this experiment made by someone on reddit who installed Lubuntu on a laptop that originally shipped with Windows XP and which is obviously abandoned right now. Windows XP no longer gets support since April 2014, and with the majority of app… (read more)

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