Linus Torvalds Kicks Off Development of Linux 4.19 Kernel, First RC Is Out Now

Linus Torvalds has officially kicked off the development cycle of the upcoming Linux 4.19 kernel series today by releasing the first Release Candidate (RC).

It’s been two weeks since the Linux 4.18 kernel series was launched, so the merge window for the next major release, Linux kernel 4.19, is now officially closed as Linus Torvalds announces today the availability of the first Release Candidate (RC) for public testing.

“So two weeks have passed, and the merge window for 4.19 is over. This was a fairly frustrating merge window, partly because 4.19 looks to be a pretty big release (no single reason), and partly just due to random noise,” said Linus Torvalds.

Even if the development cycle of Linux kernel 4.19 just kicked off, it does shape … (read more)

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