KDE Joins Purism in an Attempt to Build World's First Privacy-Focused Smartphone

KDE announced today that it’s partnering with Purism, a company known for manufacturing high-quality, privacy-focused laptops, to work on what it would appear to be world’s first truly free smartphone device powered by Linux.

As you may be aware, KDE develops the Plasma Mobile environment for tablets and smartphones, besides the Plasma desktop environment that you’re probably using right now on your personal computer.

Purism recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new Linux smartphone that they call Librem 5, and it looks like they’ll be working with the KDE team to build the first fully free and open source smartphone using Plasma Mobile.

“Building a Free Software and privacy-focused smartphone has been a dream of the KDE community for a long time. We created Plasma to not just run on desktops and laptops, but for the whole spectrum of devices,” says Lydia Pintscher, President of KDE e… (read more)
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