How to Install Avast On Ubuntu

Install Avast In Ubuntu

Luckily for Linux and Ubuntu users, viruses are not that much of a threat, at least not yet.  But just to be on the safe side, we recommend you check out Avast antivirus for Linux.

On this page you will find a usual and quick guide that will let you download, register avast, repair avast, update avast, install avast and finally, enjoy the extra protection on your already protected Ubuntu system.

UPDATE 2019/2020  — Avast has decided to release a new anti-virus for Linux which is mainly made for Linux Servers, again which is fine because anyone who has a Linux computer in one way or another is running a server. So you can use the Avast Linux server security software to protect your computer regardless if you are running a server or using it as a personal computer.

Download Avast on Ubuntu

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