GNOME Settles Patent Lawsuit Targeting Shotwell Image Management Project

The legal dispute between GNOME and Rothschild Patent Imaging in which the open-source software organization was accused of patent violation has finally been settled.

GNOME said in a press release, also embedded below, that the walk-away settlement includes a release and covenant not to be sued for any patents that Rothschild Patent Imaging owns.

“Both Rothschild Patent Imaging and Leigh Rothschild are granting a release and covenant to any software that is released under an existing Open Source Initiative approved license (and subsequent versions thereof), including for the entire Rothschild portfolio of patents, to the extent such software forms a material part of the infringement allegation,” GNOME says.

The legal fight against a patent troll

While no specifics have been provided on the terms of deal, GNOME originally accused Rothschild Patent Imaging of askin… (read more)

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