Flatpak 0.6.10 Makes the Dependency on systemd in the User Session Optional

Flatpak developer Alex Larsson announced the release of Flatpak 0.6.10, a new maintenance update of the universal Linux binary format used in various GNU/Linux distributions.

Release highlights of Flatpak 0.6.10 include the implementation of a new run permission called “–allow=devel,” which allows certain apps to use the perf and ptrace system calls, improvements to the update process so that it won’t stop during the first failure, as well as initial support for .flatpakref files.

“These are simple key value files similar to .flatpakrepo files, however they specify an application to install in addition to the repo information. For example, Gedit can be installed by downloading https://sdk.gnome.org/gedit.flatpakref and running: flatpak install –from gedit.flatpakref,” explains Alex Larsson in the release notes.

There’s also a new D-Bus request called “HostCommand” integrated into org.freedesktop.Flatpak t… (read more)
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