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New law set to impact automotive companies in Europe

There has been a lot of talk about Event Data Recorders (EDR) in the automotive industry lately. Event Data Recorders are tamper-proof memory devices that collect accident data on modes of transport. You might recognise EDRs as flight data recorders; they have been used in avionics for more than 50 years.  What you might now know is that in recent years they’ve also become an important part of the automotive industry. In China, for example, EDRs have been required since January 2021. What are the Event Data Recorder requirements in Europe?

Jason Dent on Unsplash

Why are we raising the topic today? There was a European Union (EU) vote in 2019 which requires EDRs in Europe. The aim of this regulation (nicely called UNECE R160) is to understand the causes of road accidents. What will the new law mean for automotive companies and their road to software-defined vehicles? That’s what we’ll explore in this blog post.


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