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  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024
Windows 10 Theme For UbuntuWindows 10 Theme on Linux

Hello everyone, you can download Windows 10 theme for Ubuntu, I hope you are all having a great so far. My day is going great, I had a good lunch-date with my girlfriend, soon to be fiance(please don’t tell her yet lol) so today, I have no complaints, at least not yet, lol anyway please read on…

Today we will turn our attention to one of the best Ubuntu themes ever created, yes you read that right! This Windows 10 theme for Linux is just amazing and to prove that it is as good as I am saying it is, we have uploaded a lot of screenshots of how the Windows 10 theme looks on Ubuntu. It even comes with Windows 10 icons, a custom splash page, I mean honestly, you might forget that you are using a Linux OS after you install this theme package lol it is that good! Let’s now look at the requirements and some features on this theme.

Install Windows 10 Ubuntu Theme

Download Windows 10 Theme on Linux

B00merang Windows 10 Theme

The Windows 10 theme was built to emulate in the closest way possible
the GUI of the well-known OS Windows 10.


  • GDM and MDM (login screen) themes now available
  • Metacity Window borders matching those of Win10
  • Windows 10 looking applications
  • Black menu (Cinnamon only)
  • Matching Icon theme and pointer theme

Windows 10 Linux Theme Screenshot