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Default Ubuntu 18.04 WallpaperDefault Ubuntu 18.04 Wallpaper

On this page you will be able to preview and easily download Ubuntu 18.04 wallpapers for your desktop computers, laptops, tablets and phones whether you are running Ubuntu or another Linux OS is up to you. These amazing default Ubuntu 18.04 wallpapers (Bionic Beaver) will look good on any monitor so make sure you enjoy them at will.

By the way, the Ubuntu default wallpaper folder in 18.04 LTS is located in /usr/share/backgrounds – By accessing this folder you can find, edit, remove or add other wallpapers you want to be displayed on your monitor.

We also recommend that you either upgrade to 18.04 LTS or download Ubuntu 18.04 as a fresh install as soon as possible. I know a lot of you love 16.04, hell maybe even 17.10, but you should upgrade as soon as you can and download the newer and more stable Bionic Beaver version.

Note: Each photo links to the full size wallpaper, you can also download the whole thing as a package, the download option is below the gallery.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Default Wallpapers

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