DISA publishes STIG for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS



DISA, the Defense Information Systems Agency, has published their Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. The STIG is free for the public to download from the DOD Cyber Exchange. Canonical has been working with DISA since we published Ubuntu 22.04 LTS to draft this STIG, and we are delighted that it is now finalised and available for everyone to use.

We are now developing the Ubuntu Security Guide profile with a target release in summer 2024.

What is a STIG?

A STIG is a set of guidelines for how to configure an application or system in order to harden it. Hardening means reducing the system’s attack surface: removing unnecessary software packages, locking down default values to the tightest possible settings and configuring the system to run only what you explicitly require. System hardening guidelines also seek to lessen collateral damage in the event of a compromise.

STIGs are intended to be applied with judgement and common…

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