Debian Calls on the Linux World to Help Fight the New Coronavirus

Debian has just announced a so-called COVID-19 Biohackathon that will take place online in April and whose purpose is to help improve biomedical FOSS and all the related solutions that are supposed to support such projects.

The idea of the online event is to bring the Linux world together in order to improve the way Debian can help the health industry fight against the new coronavirus, and Debian says anyone can contribute with bug triage, testing, documentation, CI, translations, packaging, and code contributions.

“You can also contribute directly to the upstream packages, linked from the Debian Med COVID-19 task page at [covid-19-packages]. Note: many biomedical software packages are quite resource limited, even compared to a typical FOSS project. Please be kind to the upstream author/maintainers and realize that they may have limited resources to review your contribution. Triaging open issues and opening pull requests to fix problems is likely to be more useful … (read more)

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