Canonical Makes It Easy to Install Unity7 on Ubuntu 17.10, GNOME Remains Default

It looks like Unity 7 is not dead yet, as Canonical’s Will Cooke is now informing the community that the Ubuntu Desktop team has been working lately on making it easier for users to install the Unity 7 session and related packages on Ubuntu 17.10.

According to his latest report, Will Cooke says that there’s now a new unity-session package installed in the latest daily builds of the upcoming Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) operating system, a fork of the old ubuntu-session package, to allow users to install a Unity 7 session alongside the default GNOME Shell one.

“We’ve migrated ubuntu-session to a new unity-session package. This means that the default session is GNOME Shell and people can install Unity 7 and its related p… (read more)
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