Bringing automation to telco edge clouds at scale | Ubuntu

  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024

Canonical and Spectro Cloud have collaborated to develop an effective telco edge cloud solution, Cloud Native Execution Platform (CNEP). CNEP is built with Canonical’s open source infrastructure solutions and Spectro Cloud’s Palette containers-as-a-service (CaaS) platform. This technology stack empowers operators to benefit from the cost optimisation and agility improvements delivered by edge clouds in a highly secure and performant way.

Bringing automation to telco edge clouds at scale ubuntu

Through a single pane of glass provided by Spectro Cloud Palette, operators can deploy, configure and manage all their telco edge clouds centrally, taking full advantage of Canonical’s infrastructure technology. The joint solution brings automation to deployment and maintenance operations at scale and enables fully cloud-native telco edge clouds.

Telco edge clouds

With the softwarisation of network services and the adoption of cloud computing in the telco sector, the architecture of mobile networks has evolved significantly. Modern…

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