Application composability and the shipping container | Ubuntu

The previous blog post talked about the composability of applications. The key element for composing applications is defining the relations between application elements. And supporting relations is one of the advantages of the Charmed Operator Framework – including its runtime, the Charmed Operator Lifecycle Manager.

The shipping container

The metaphor of the intermodal container or shipping container was mentioned in the previous blog post. It is a standardized transport element that’s able to be moved and stored across a logistics chain. And this is a popular metaphor for the standardised way of packaging, transferring, and running software, especially in DevOps automation. However, it lacks one aspect of software containers: When the shipping container has arrived at the destination, the goods are usually unloaded and the container is reused for the next transport.

Containerised application

However, the software container will never get unloaded. Rather, it will keep its…

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