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Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? You can download uTorrent for Ubuntu before you do that, I hope you are all having a great week so far. My week has been pretty good except for the extra hot weather. It is insanely hot right now and humid! Ahhh we need some rain to cool this place down. Anyway, please read on…

Today we have an awesome app for you to try out if you have not already. I introduce you to uTorrent. Some of you might have heard of it or some of you probably use it on your Windows 10 and Windows 7 PC’s. Well you are in luck, uTorrent is available for Linux! So us Ubuntu or Linux Mint users can smile ear to ear. Let’s find out what makes uTorrent still, the best Bittorrent client available on any OS.

Install uTorrent For Ubuntu Linux

What Is uTorrent?

µTorrent is a freeware, closed source BitTorrent client by BitTorrent, Inc. Its the software developed for downloading large amount of files. It is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for distributing large amounts of data.

uTorrent Linux Features:

  • Lightweight

µTorrent is a little over 2 MB (smaller than a digital photo!). It installs ultra-fast and will never hog your valuable system resources.

  • Fast

Download your files as quickly and efficiently as possible without slowing down your other online activities.

  • Powerful

Want total control? uTorrent offers advanced settings such as automation, scripting, remote management and more.

  • BitTorrent Now

Fresh new music, video, and culture direct to your computer, phone, or TV. Experience underground songs, stories, and more from thousands of artists.

Install uTorrent Server on Linux Manually

Step 1: Download latest uTorrent Server by using the download link right above.

Step 2: Extract uTorrent Files

  • Launch terminal (with Ctrl+Alt+T or search Terminal in dash and click to open it) Change directory to Downloads folder cd ~/Downloads/
  • Extract uTorrent files to the /opt directory sudo tar -xvzf utserver.tar.gz -C /opt/

Step 3: Set Permission

  • Set permission on uTorrent-server folder sudo chmod -R 755 /opt/utorrent-server-alpha-v3_3/

Step 4: Set Symbolic link

  • Run the command to link uTorrent server to the /user/bin directory. sudo ln -s /opt/utorrent-server-alpha-v3_3/utserver /usr/bin/utserver

Step 5: Start uTorrent

  • Run the following command in the Terminal utserver -settingspath /opt/utorrent-server-alpha-v3_3/

Note: If you get an error about package missing, then

  • Run the command below to install it: sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8:i386  then try starting it again. (change to current version)

Step 6: Log into uTorrent

  • Open Firefox/Chrome and browse to the URL localhost:8080/gui
  • The username is admin and leave the password field empty

uTorrent Ubuntu Screenshots

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