Zorin OS 12 Lite Beta Adopts Xfce as Default Desktop Environment Instead of LXDE

Zorin Group is announcing today the release of a Beta version of the upcoming Zorin OS 12 Lite edition of the Ubuntu-based operating system, designed for old computers with low hardware specifications.

The Zorin OS 12 operating system series were revealed last year in November, and, since then, the development team published both Business and Education edition with the promise that they are working as fast as possible to also release the Lite edition for those that want to install the Ubuntu-based distro on their old PCs from 5 or even 10-15 years ago.

“With Zorin OS 12 Lite, we have re-thought what the Zorin OS experience can be for low spec machines and computers as old as 14 years,” reads today’s announcement. “We have built Zorin OS 12 Lite to be a more streamlined concentration of, not a reduction of, the original version, with the same simple user experience, ru… (read more)
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