Ubuntu AI Podcast: Episode 4 | Ubuntu


The podcast

Welcome to Ubuntu AI podcast! From fun experiments to enterprise projects, AI became the center of attention when it comes to innovation, digital transformation and optimisatation.

Open source technologies democratised access to state of the art machine learning tools and opened doors for everyone ready to embark on their AI journey.

Ubuntu AI will be your guide in the industry where community of like-minded people meet, to make an impact.

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In this episode we’re talking about the upcoming AI roadshow launched by Canonical

We are going on the Roadshow with things that we already built for different customers and also with our partners who are big players in that space. In the Amsterdam session, we’ll be together with Nvidia, making a workshop and showing how MLOps should be done on the enterprise level and production grade. So there will be a lot of exciting showcases during that workshop where people can get a first-hand…

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