Technical deep-dive into a real-time kernel | Ubuntu

  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024

Canonical announced the general availability of Ubuntu’s real-time kernel earlier this year. Since then, our community raised several questions regarding the workings of the kernel and tuning guidelines. We aim to provide answers in this and an upcoming follow-up post. 

Depending on your background knowledge, you may wish to start with the basics of preemption and a real-time system. In that case, this introductory webinar or our blog series on what is real-time Linux, is for you.

The present blog post highlights two primary test suites for real-time Ubuntu, followed by an explanation of the components and processes involved, from the scheduler role and its different policies, to blocking spinning locks.

If you are already familiar with a real-time Linux kernel and do not wish to refresh your memory, jump to the tuning guide. There, we will go through the three primary metrics to monitor when tuning a real-time kernel, some key configs set at compile time, and a tuning example….

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