System76 Launches Two Linux Laptops Powered by Coreboot Open-Source Firmware – Updated

American computer manufacturer System76 announced today that it has launched two Linux laptops with the Coreboot open-source firmware pre-installed.

Driven by the idea that technology should always be free and open, System76 is launching today the Galago Pro and Darter Pro laptops with their new Coreboot-based open-source firmware, which not only makes these computers boot faster than with a proprietary firmware, but it also protects them against various security vulnerabilities and other threats.

“Our lightweight open source firmware gets users from boot screen to desktop 29% faster,” said System76. “Removing unnecessary features from the firmware such as network connectivity and execution environments also decreases the potential for vulnerability, meaning users who upgrade to the new laptops will benefit from increased security.”

In addition to adding the Coreboot open-source firmware, the revamped Darter Pro and Galago Pro Linux-based laptops come with glare-r… (read more)

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