Snapping out of Docker: a robotics guide for migrating Docker to Snap | Ubuntu

In this blog post, we are going to see when and how to migrate a ROS application currently deployed with Docker to Snap. We will use the web-based joystick application developed by Husarion, (GitHub – husarion/webui-ros-joystick) as an example. This application is used to send velocity commands to a ROS robot and manage a software emergency-stop.

Docker has greatly facilitated robotics software development by providing a way to package applications and their dependencies into portable containers. However, due to its cloud-oriented design, Docker poses some difficulties for developers when it comes to deploying software on a robotic device.

If you are completely new to Snaps and want to learn how to snap robotics applications, head over to our documentation page.

When to move your Docker to Snap

Before we jump straight into work, let’s understand first when you should consider migrating from Docker to Snap.

The software lifecycle for a robotics application typically…

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