Raspberry Pi HAT tutorials part 2 – Blinkenlights and micro-Pong! | Ubuntu


Photo by Feelfarbig Magazine, unsplash

Welcome to part 2 of our Raspberry Pi HAT tutorial series written by our resident Pi developers, Dave ‘waveform’ Jones and William ‘jawn-smith’ Wilson. You can read part 1 here.

In this post, they teach us how to build a handheld micro-Pong device with the Unicorn HAT Mini and follow it up with a system monitor on the Unicorn HAT HD.

Check out part 1, where William got us started with the Unicorn pHAT and Dave shared his piwheels project dashboard!

This is a guest post from William’s own blog, which he’s kindly allowed us to share here. Check out his site for more great Pi tutorials as well as some equally colorful 3D printing projects.

That’s enough from me, over to William and Dave.

As of Ubuntu 22.04, the Raspberry Pi Pimoroni Unicorn HATs are supported on Ubuntu out of the box. This includes the standard Unicorn Hat, Unicorn pHAT, Unicorn HAT Mini, and Unicorn HAT HD.

To install the libraries for each HAT, run the…

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