Purism Announces Convergence for Its Linux Phones and Laptops


Purism revealed today that it’s been working for a while on making its Debian-based PureOS Linux operating system convergent for the upcoming Librem 5 Linux phone and its Librem 13 and 15 laptops.

Following on Canonical’s convergence dream for Ubuntu Linux, Purism made the convergence dream a reality for its PureOS Linux operating system that ships pre-installed with all Librem laptops, as well as the upcoming Librem 5 Linux phone, allowing users to use a single set of apps on both mobile phones and laptops.

“If you’ve ever had an app on your phone that you wanted on your laptop, you’ve wanted convergence,” said Jeremiah Foster, Director PureOS at Purism. “Purism’s PureOS is convergent, and has laid the foundation for all future applications to run on both the Librem 5 phone and Librem laptops, from the same PureOS release.”

Since GNOME is used as default desktop environment for PureOS, Purism is also working hard on creating adaptive ​GNOME​ apps that look and wo… (

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