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Thunderbird 38.2.0 Finally Arrives in Ubuntu

Canonical just announced that a number of Thunderbird vulnerabilities have been closed in Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and Ubuntu 12.04, which also updates the version of the browser to 38.2.0. The Ubuntu maintainers...

Linux Turns 24, Happy Birthday!

Dear all, today is August 25, 2015, and the time has come for us, Linux users, to party in celebration of the 24th anniversary of the Linux project, announced by none other than its...

Shadowrun: Hong Kong Arrives for Linux Players

Shadowrun: Hong Kong, the third stand-alone game in the new Shadowrun series developed by Harebrained Schemes has been released on Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle, and a Linux version is also available. Shadowrun is...

Install Shotcut Software On Ubuntu

Download Shotcut For Ubuntu

Download & Install Shotcut App, one of the best video editing software for Linux now supports 4k and Ultra HD. We have screenshots and features for you.