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  • Post Updated: April 4, 2024

Imagine if – as a job applicant – you could put yourself right in front of the hiring lead, and tell them, in your own words, in your own time, without interruption or distraction or pressure, why you think you’d be an excellent person for the role.

What kind of applicant would benefit the most?

Unfair bias in hiring

In our industry, certain groups of people are badly under-represented. They include women, non-westerners, people from the global South, people whose careers have been interrupted by life-events. They also typically do less well in its hiring processes – particularly at the application screening stage, and in interviews.

Consider two candidates, who would be equally excellent in a certain role.

One is well-established; they have years of experience in the right companies and a stellar CV. They enjoy the easy charm and confidence that come with good connections, and the kind of personal background that’s an ideal springboard for career success.

The other lacks…

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