New Active Directory Integration features in Ubuntu 22.04 (part 3) – Privilege Management | Ubuntu

Linux Active Directory (AD) integration is historically one of the most requested functionalities by our corporate users, and with Ubuntu Desktop 22.04, we introduced ADsys, our new Active Directory client. This blog post is part 3 of a series where we will explore the new functionalities in more detail. (Part 1  – Introduction, Part 2 – Group Policy Objects)

The latest Verizon Data Breach report highlighted that leaked credential and phishing combined account for over 70% of the causes of cyberattacks. User management therefore plays a critical role in reducing your organisation attack surface. In this article we will focus on how Active Directory can be used to control and limit the privileges your users have on on their Ubuntu machines.

While there are significant differences between how Windows and Linux systems perform user management, with ADsys we tried to keep the IT administrators’ user experience as similar as possible to the one currently available for Windows…

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