Linux Kernels 4.14.16, 4.9.79, 4.4.114 and 3.18.93 Bring Networking Improvements

While Linux kernel 4.15 is yet to receive its first point release and become the new stable series, Greg Kroah-Hartman released today new maintenance updates of the Linux 4.14, 4.9, 4.4, and 3.18 kernel series.

Coming a week after the previous point releases, Linux kernels 4.14.16, 4.9.79, 4.4.114, and 3.18.93 are now available to download and promise to bring yet another layer of performance and security improvements. This time, there are fewer x86 changes and more driver updates and networking improvements.

According to the appended shortlogs, the Linux 4.14.16, 4.9.79, 4.4.114, and 3.18.93 kernels include lots of updated Ethernet drivers, mostly for Mellanox devices, but also for Realtek and Emulex, along with some PPP, TUN, IPv4, IPv6, DCCP, SCTP, TIPC, TLS, XFRM, VRF, VMXNET3 and Netfilter improvements.

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