Linus Torvalds Announces a Fairly Normal Third Linux 4.10 Release Candidate

A few moments ago, Linus Torvalds made his Sunday evening announcement to inform us about the general availability of the third RC (Release Candidate) snapshot of the upcoming Linux 4.10 kernel.

According to Linus Torvalds, things appear to be back to their normal state, and it looks like Linux kernel 4.10 RC3 is a fairly normal development release that consists of two-thirds updated drivers, and half of the remaining patch are improvements to various hardware architectures. There are also some minor networking and filesystems fixes.

“So after that very small rc2 due to the xmas break, we seem to be back to fairly normal,” said Linus Torvalds in the mailing list announcement. “It still feels a bit smaller than a usual rc3, but for the first real rc after the merge window (ie I’d compare it to a regular rc2), it’s fairly normal.”

You can go out and test Linux kernel 4.10-rc3
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