Intel GPU Tools 1.17 Released for Linux with Kaby Lake Support, Many New Tests

It’s been two months since the release of Intel GPU Tools (intel-gpu-tools) 1.16, the open-source collection of tools for development and testing of the Intel DRM driver for Linux-based operating systems, and Petri Latvala announced the release of version 1.17.

Intel GPU Tools 1.17 appears to be a major release that’s possible thanks to the generous contributions of a vast list of developers, including Abdiel Janulgue, Marius Vlad, Jani Nikula, Imre Deak, Ville Syrjälä, Akash Goel, Lionel Landwerlin, Chris Wilson, and Jason Ekstrand.

A lot of exciting new features have been implemented, among which we can mention support for different system suspend and resume options, Intel Kaby Lake support, a new tool for capturing logs from the GuC embedded micro-controller, as well as support for measuring fence wakeup latencies.

Additionally, Intel GPU Tools 1.17 ships with linked list helpers… (read more)

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