Finally, Solus Operating System Is Getting Support for Ubuntu's Snap Packages

You won’t believe this, but Canonical’s Snappy team announced on Wednesday that the Solus Project development team is working on bringing Snappy support to their Solus operating system.

Solus is an acclaimed, rolling release GNU/Linux distribution that’s independently developed by a team of hard-working and innovative devs. This means that Solus ships with its own repositories and package management system, but to help users install more third-party apps, they are now bringing Snap support.

Snappy, the universal binary format technology developed by Canonical for their Ubuntu Linux operating system, allows users to install third-party apps that aren’t available in the official repos. Snappy uses binary packages called Snaps, and it can be easily implemented in virtually any Linux OS.

Earlier this year, when the “war” between Red Hat’s Flatpak and Ubuntu’s Snappy universal binary format st… (read more)

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