Debian-Based GParted Live 0.29.0-1 Adds Support for UDF File System, Linux 4.11

GParted maintainer Curtis Gedak announced the release and immediate availability for download of GParted 0.29.0 open-source disk partitioning tool, as well as the corresponding GParted Live 0.29.0-1 distribution.

Adding key enhancements like support for the UDF file system, GParted 0.29.0 is here to fix a segmentation fault on disks that contained corrupted FAT file systems, as well as to address an issue with snap-to-alignment of operations when creating partitions, making it work as advertised.

It also improves support for resizing Btrfs partitions that are mounted with whitespace, adds support for the Google Test C++ test framework, makes it possible to set an empty label when creating FAT16 or FAT32 filesystems, and improves detection of LVM2 PV and Btrfs change UUID capability.

GParted Live 0.29.0-1 is based on Debian Sid, runs Linux kernel 4.11.11</s… (read more)

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