Fedora 26 Linux Officially Released, Ships with GNOME 3.24 and Linux Kernel 4.11

After it has been delayed over and over again, the final release of the Fedora 26 Linux operating system is now officially available, and you can download and install it on your personal computer.

Development on Fedora 26 Linux started earlier this year, in January, during which it received an Alpha milestone on April 4 and a Beta build on June 13, 2017. The Fedora Workstation edition, which is the main one based on the GNOME desktop environment, was built on top of the current stable GNOME 3.24 Stack, while other official spins were rebased on recent versions of the desktop environments used.

“We have thousands improvements from the various upstream software we integrate, including new development tools like GCC 7, Golang 1.8, and Python 3.6. We’ve added a new partitioning tool to Anaconda (the Fedora installer) — the existing … (read more)
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