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  • Post Updated: April 3, 2024
Canta Theme For LinuxCanta Theme on Linux

Hello everyone, you can download Canta theme for Linux and Ubuntu and I hope you are all enjoying your day so far. We have an awesome new theme that is perfect as we go deeper into March. March is moving along and I can’t believe we are basically halfway done with this month already, can you imagine? Where is the time going!?

Today we will  showcase an awesome fresh theme for Ubuntu named Canta. I have no idea what Canta means but I like the sound of it. It’s unique and rolls of your tongue nicely, I am right? Canta is a theme with a nice summer-spring vibe to it. It appears to be inspired by Google’s material design and at the same time, it seems to have some of its style and options based off MacOS.

From the author of this theme, he describes his theme: “Canta is a flat Material Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which supports GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc.

This theme is based on materia gtk theme of nana-4. Thanks nana-4 sincerely for his great job! materia gtk theme:

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