Calamares 2.4.5 Installer Fixes Security Issue with Unencrypted Boot Partitions

Today, November 25, 2016, Calamares, the open-source distribution-independent system installer framework, received a new maintenance update, versioned 2.4.5.

Calamares 2.4.5 is here three weeks after the previous point release, namely Calamares 2.4.4, to add quite a bunch of bug fixes, but also manages to sneak in some fairly useful features, such as a new setup in automated install modes for Btrfs subvolumes for @ and @home, despite the fact that Btrfs subvolumes aren’t yet supported during manual partitioning.

Among the improvements introduced by Calamares 2.4.5, we can mention that deployments of the GRUB bootloader with 32-bit UEFI firmware should work correctly now, even on 64-bit systems that use 32-bit UEFI firmware, the Internet connection check in the welcome module rec… (read more)

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