AI and automotive: navigating the roads of tomorrow


I had the pleasure to be invited by Canonical’s AI/ML Product Manager, Andreea Munteanu, to one of the recent episodes of the Canonical AI/ML podcast. As an enthusiast of automotive and technology with a background in software, I was very eager to share my insights into the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the automotive industry. I have a strong belief that the intersection of AI and cars represents a pivotal point where innovation meets practical implementation, and leads to safer, more efficient and more user-friendly cars. 

In the episode, several key issues in the use of AI in cars and automotive in general came up. It’s not just the use of AI that we should be thinking about, but a whole range of safety, ethics, and privacy concerns that can eclipse simple technical challenges. This underscores the importance of considering the broader societal impacts and ethical implications of integrating AI into automotive technologies.

This blog explores the key…

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