Top 10 apps to boost your productivity | Ubuntu

Winter is rolling in (for those in the Northern Hemisphere at least). Long summer evenings are on hold for now. In these colder months, it can be difficult to get back into work and feel efficient. But whether you are feeling tired, unorganised, or demotivated, there may be an application here to help you refocus and re-energise. Here are a few that have given us the boost we needed to get back on track. There are note-taking apps, habit trackers, calendar organisers, jira editors, drawing tools and even a snap to remind you to take regular breaks. Let’s look back at some of the top productivity-related applications from this year.

1. QOwnNotes

QOwnNotes is a free, open-source note-taking application. All notes are stored as plain-text markdown files on your computer, giving you full control of where you keep your content. If you require, sync and customisation options are available, too. QOwnNotes is a native application, optimized for speed and consuming little processor…

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