Telco network healing and auto-scaling with Open Source MANO TWELVE | Ubuntu

The second Open Source MANO (OSM) release with Long Term Support (LTS) has landed. Open Source MANO Release TWELVE offers two years of support with security patches. The release has outstanding features to offer to both VNF vendors and system integrators residing in the MANO (Management and Network Orchestration) ecosystem. ETSI OSM (Open Source MANO) can be integrated with multiple cloud platforms and virtual infrastructure managers (VIM). Service providers and operators leverage the OSM platform to run services either on virtual machines (VMs) or containerised frameworks, i.e Kubernetes. This release offers the much-awaited features of auto-scaling and auto-healing for telco networks.

The model-driven approach in OSM makes Network Functions (NFs) reusable and portable. Reusability offers the following operational benefits: 

  • Layer abstraction reduces complexity. 
  • Errors are minimised with fewer changes required in packages. 
  • Optimised deployment times. 
  • Minimal human efforts…

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