Purism Librem Mini Linux PC Now Just Around the Corner

Purism announced the Librem Mini Linux PC only a few weeks ago, and at that time, the company set a target goal for pre-orders of $50,000, hoping this would be reached by the time shipping starts.

And now Purism says that demand has been so strong for its new Linux PC that it already exceeded the $50,000 target, with pre-orders currently exceeding $71,000.

So now the Librem Mini is just around the corner, the company explains that it’s working around the clock to prepare the device for shipping.

“Thanks to the incredible support of our community we reached our Librem Mini pre-order goal in less than three weeks and interest continues to grow. We have put in a large order from our suppliers, which arrives in less than a month, to be able to meet demand and rapidly fulfill future purchases. With the Librem Mini arriving in less th… (read more)

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