Pitivi 1.0 Video Editor Development Advances with Timeline Improvements, More

The development team behind the Pitivi open-source video editor have announced the availability of Pitivi 0.98, another bugfix and stability release towards the major Pitivi 1.0 version.

Besides the usual bug fixes, Pitivi 0.98 brings various improvements that might interest some of you who are waiting for Pitivi 1.0 to hit the streets, which should happen in early 2017 now that the team hired Romanian developer Alexandru Băluț to fix remaining blockers, such as customizable keyboard shortcuts and improved timeline.

“Taking advantage of an opportunity, with the last money from our coffers, we hired Alexandru Băluț, a long-time Pitivi contributor, so he can focus better on fixing issues blocking the 1.0 release. Alex worked on Pitivi in Oct, Nov, and will allocate more time in Dec 2016. Thanks again to everybody who donated,” reads the announcement.

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