Patterns to achieve database High Availability | Ubuntu

The cost of database downtime

A study from ManageForce estimated the cost of a database outage to be an average of $474,000 per hour. Long database outages are the result of poor design concerning high availability.

With the exponential growth of data that is generated over the internet (which is expected to reach 180 zeta-bytes by the end of 2025) and the increasing reliance on different database technologies to serve those data to their intended users, the cost of database downtime will continue to increase in the upcoming years.

This blog will first expose the main concepts around availability. Then, we will list some of the patterns to provide highly available database deployments and finish by explaining how Canonical solutions help you in deploying highly available applications.

High level concepts

Before going into the details of how to achieve high availability for databases, let’s ensure that we have a common understanding of a few concepts.

Availability and…

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